Hi I have this weird problem. I have created a method for the string object, and assigned it like this : String.prototype.esuna = esuna<BR><BR>Then I can call it whenever I want, which is cool, like this --&#062; myString.esuna();<BR><BR>But I dont use it often, and when I use it the wrong way like esuna(myString) &#060;-- as a function (just a mistake I made) It stops all IIS Services (Web, FTP and ADMIN), which I find is a radical way to show me an error. I use IIS4 on NT4.<BR><BR>I am going to recode all my methods to functions which is less dangerous than those weird methods not to be called as functions or you are dead. Just wanted to know what could cause such an awfull and drastical stopping. If anyone have seen or heard of that problem, I&#039;d really appreciate some enlightment.<BR><BR>Thanks, Jeb