Giving my WYSIWYG editor a name?

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Thread: Giving my WYSIWYG editor a name?

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    ok,<BR>I working on a WYSIWYG editor,<BR>the problem I&#039;m having is send the info from the iframe to my data base,<BR><BR>this is the iframe:<BR>&#060;IFRAME name=idContent id=idContent src="about:blank" width=550 onload=javascript:getContent(); height=350&#062;&#060;/IFRAME&#062;<BR><BR>and I&#039;ve tried using idContent as the name but that does not work,<BR>can one please show me what I need to do to get the info from the form to my db..? like I got the script the write to the db with out trouble, but the iframe just does not send any info to it,<BR><BR>thanks in advance for your time!

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    this makes no sense to me :)<BR><BR>an iframe is just a document window, used to display data.<BR>what sends data to your database is a form.<BR>(&#060;form action="whatever.asp" method="post"&#062; ... &#060;/form&#062;)<BR><BR>You must configure the form in your iframe to send to the correct script.<BR><BR>You will have to clarify your question and post more code.<BR><BR>

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