Hi guys,<BR><BR>I&#039;m programming ASP-script which generates HTML-reports (tables,tr,td, that stuff).<BR>Now i have a problem, because some reports are too large. Then the reports cant be printed on 1 page. When the height is too large, it isnt a problem. It will continue on a new page. But when the length is to big, it wont be printed.<BR><BR>Now im trying to make an excel-output, because excel can print all columns. I was very suprised that the layout of the reports where equal. But it would be great if i can make more spreadsheets in 1 ASP-script. Is there a solution for this? It would be great if i wont have to change my HTML-code.<BR><BR>Or are there maybe components who can deal with my issue?<BR>Hope you can help me :)<BR><BR>Thank in advantage,<BR><BR>Pieter Buitenhuis