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    Default GetObject problem

    When using Set <BR><BR>objUsers = GetObject("WinNT:// .... Domain/Userid)<BR><BR>I get this error when an INVALID userid is passed to GetObject.<BR><BR>error &#039;80070035&#039; <BR>The network path was not found. <BR><BR>It works fine if the domain/userid are valid.<BR>

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    Default So where is the problem?

    All i see is normal behavior:<BR><BR>when you give it something real it works<BR>and when you give it an invalid entry it doesn&#039;t<BR><BR>BTW don&#039;t forget the "" on both ends of the object.<BR><BR>One more thing, what version of ADSI do you have?

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    Default RE: GetObject problem

    That isnt an error, you just need to error trap incase an Invalid username or password has been sent.

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