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    Jason Guest

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    How can I register an OCX on the server for client use?<BR><BR>The script id written on the client side, can I have the OCX on the server and use it for the client?<BR><BR>Thank you in advanced for any response.

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    JHodges Guest

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    navigate in dos to the directory that the ocx control exists in type regsvr32 filename.ocx this wil register it on your system. The when you use it in your pages it will be avaliable to whomever has the page open.

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    Jason Guest

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    Yeah, I&#039ve tried that, it didn&#039t work, I&#039ve even gone as far as creating a Visual Basic app just with the ocx needed and ran the installer on the client, it still didn&#039t work, I&#039m at a loss here. It only works on computer with visual interdev.<BR><BR>Thank you for you input<BR>

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