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    I am using MS-Access database. I am able to retrieve name,type and defined size of every field in a table by using field object of ADO in an asp page. Is there anyway to determine whether a field is a Primary key or not and required or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance

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    ADODB recordsets have a Fields collection, and each field has properties like Name, DefinedSize, Type, and Attributes, which is a combination of some enums.<BR><BR>strName = MyRS.Fields("MyColumn").Name &#039; returns "MyColumn" of course...<BR>intSize = MyRS.Fields("MyColumn").DefinedSize<BR>intType = MyRS.Fields("MyColumn").Type<BR>blnIsPramaryKey = cBool((MyRS.Fields("MyColumn").Attributes OR adFldKeyColumn))<BR><BR>See here:<BR>

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