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    Hiya all<BR><BR>I have created a members only web site and wish to allow the admin to pass a message to a member logged in using the IP address gathered when they logged in. Is this possible and if so, could someone please explain how.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Default no need IP

    you dont need the ip to pass a message to the user... just save the message on the database in a table like this<BR>example:<BR>RowID User_Id message <BR><BR>----------------<BR>where User_Id is how to identify your user, Row ID ease the deleting and updating procedures, and message is the message<BR>then on any user page put a code like:<BR>example:<BR>q="Select * from MyTable where User_ID = " & UserID<BR>set rs=cn.execute(q)<BR>do<BR> response.write "<BR>" & rs.fields("message") <BR> rs.movenext<BR>loop<BR><BR>-------------<BR> this can let you have an idea

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    Default If it's a message for current user...

    ...that is, one who is logged in and active at the time...<BR><BR>Then instead of using a database, use Application variable(s).<BR><BR>No need for the DB overhead.<BR><BR>If you are keeping track of logged-in users in an App variable already (and how else do you know who is logged in?) then this is really pretty easy to do.<BR><BR>

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