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    Default Excel ODBC Drivers

    I am looking to calland excel spreadsheet through an odbc connection. The problem is the server I am using doesn&#039;t have the excel odbc driver on it and I can&#039;t find out how to get it. I am assuming that if I load office on the server that it will be there but I am wondering if there is another way to load it without having to buy office for that reason. <BR><BR>I have 2 servers that need it, 1 NT 4.0 and 1 win2k server. I tried to download the new MDAC 2.6x and installed it but still no luck.<BR><BR>Thanks for any help in advance.<BR>

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    Default The JET drivers...

    ...*should* be on most any Windows machine from Win98 onward.<BR><BR>Did you look here:<BR>http://www.able-consulting.com/ADO_Conn.htm<BR><BR>to see if there are alternatives?<BR><BR>Yeah...I just looked:<BR><BR>http://www.able-consulting.com/ADO_Conn.htm#OLEDBProviderForMicrosoftJetExcel<BR> <BR>

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    Default Although if somehow....

    He manages to not have them, he won&#039;t get them with MDAC 2.6. They were dropped from MDAC after 2.5, and are a seperate download now. <BR>

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