Any help on ways to go abt doing this pls?

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Thread: Any help on ways to go abt doing this pls?

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    Default Any help on ways to go abt doing this pls?

    Hi All<BR><BR>I have a situation here where data collected from a form need to be put into a databse. And from this databse data, a user can then view some graphical presentation of the data eg a barchat or piechart.<BR><BR>Now I have not dealt with anything like this before but I do have experiences in ASP. So I am requesting for anyone who has experiences in this type of ASP programming, pls help me or advise me the best way to do this.<BR><BR>Data that I collected are Name, Projects Title, Project Schedule, Project hours, Project Date Start, P{roject Date End. I was thinking of putting these data into Excel and hope that Excel can do the graphics presentation automatically but do not really know how to go abt doing. Again, I plead....pls help.<BR><BR>rgds,<BR>Saiful

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    Saiful,<BR><BR>If I understand you correctly, my project is similar to what you&#039re doing. I am not gathering the initial information, but I am displaying various charts based on data I retrieve from a database. The user can change the chart based on their selection criteria (drop-down lists) - hence the FORM.<BR><BR>I&#039m using a tool called ChartFX IE 2000 by SoftwareFX. We just finished up prototyping for a client and are now finishing up the Functional Requirements and Design document. We used an access database for the prototype, but are going to use Oracle Stored Procedures (and Oracle), ASP, and IIS4 for the final application.<BR><BR>You can get a 30-day trial of the application from Software FX at<BR> Overall I&#039ve been very impressed with the software (it was a VB program). It has been around for a while, so it&#039s pretty refined. I hope this gets you started, if you need any more information just let me know.<BR><BR>Good luck!

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