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    Hello <BR><BR>I am going through Sam&#039;s Teach Yourself ASP.NET in 21 Days and have so far found it very good. However, after writing a custom control I was instructed to compile it by writing: <BR>vbc /t:library /out:..inCustomControls.dll /r:System.dll <BR>/r:System.Web.dll CustomControl1.vb <BR>at the prompt where the vb file is saved. <BR><BR>I did this but got this error: <BR>vbc : Command line error BC2012 : can&#039;t open &#039;..inCustomControls.dll&#039; for writing <BR><BR>I can&#039;t go any further without that dll file but the book doesn&#039;t suggest that this might happen. Could anyone explain to me why this might have happened and how to solve it please? <BR><BR>thanks a lot <BR>Gareth James <BR>&#060;&#062;&#060;

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    Default Search for the file, then .....

    Search your machine (or Server) for CustomControls.dll, check that it is not a read only file (or that yoiu have the correct permissions to write to it) and reset them if needs be, which I suspect will be tha case! :-)<BR>

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