Does anyone know why I cannot define a GraphicsPath with a byte array that contains PathPointTypes that are Bezier? I get no output, but if change the beziers to lines, it works. Example:<BR><BR> Point[] pntArray = {new Point(165-50, 200-50),<BR> new Point(200-50, 165-50),<BR> new Point(235-50, 200-50),<BR> new Point(200-50, 235-50)};<BR><BR> byte[] bytArray = {(byte)PathPointType.Start,<BR> (byte)PathPointType.Line,<BR> (byte)PathPointType.Bezier,<BR> (byte)PathPointType.Line};<BR> GraphicsPath pthDiamond = new <BR><BR>GraphicsPath(pntArray, bytArray);<BR><BR>