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    What can I do with &#060;input type=image src="Down.jpg" name=1&#062;?<BR>It says something about the coordinates, but how do I request the coordinates? Basically will be using that concept to do a matching card game. Anybody can enlighten me?

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    Default Same as <INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT">

    in that it causes it&#039;s &#060;FORM&#062; to be submitted. The difference is that it also sends two extra form elements:<BR><BR>name-of-tag.x and name-of-tag.y<BR><BR>which specify the x and y offset of the mouse pointer from the top left of the image at the time it was clicked (I think, you might want to test this).<BR><BR>So with the example you gave, the page that the form posts to could have something like:<BR><BR>intXOffset = cint(request("1.x"))<BR>intYOffset = cint(request("1.y"))<BR><BR>What you do from there is up to you...

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