Hi, <BR><BR>How do you transfer your web service and proxy class from a development server onto the live server? <BR><BR>I use VS.Net to build proxy classes for my web services. <BR><BR>When developing I am on my local machine: <BR><BR>http://nick/webapplication1/ <BR><BR>My web service would be at: <BR><BR>http://nick/webapplication1/mywebservice.asmx <BR><BR>I enter this URL in the &#039;Add web reference&#039; dialogue box when adding a web reference. Does this mean that this url is built into the proxy class? <BR><BR>When I transfer the web service, proxy class and web forms to my live site at www.mysite.com will the proxy class still be using http://nick/Webapplication1/ ? <BR><BR>Do I have to copy across the web service and web forms then rebuild the proxy class using www.mysite.com as the address entered in the &#039;Add web reference&#039; pop up? <BR><BR>hope this makes sense, <BR><BR>thanks for your time, <BR><BR>Nick Charlesworth