thanx in advance.....<BR>i need a favour.. i need a code to represent on bar charts on client side scripting using office web components<BR><BR><BR><BR>we have developed a dotnet application there i need to develop a bargraph<BR>based on the data.<BR>could you send some code on dotnet based on graphs which sould be of client side scripting and compatibale to all browsers....<BR><BR>well i know there is a graph object is there to achieve that but it is server side one where load is more ...<BR><BR><BR><BR>the following is my table script<BR>based on this i need to devlop a stored procdeure and after executing the <BR>sp<BR>based on the output data i need to show a graph..this is my requirement<BR><BR>i will give u a very high level of the application<BR><BR>project name :DTS (DEFECT TRACKING SYSTEM)<BR><BR>here all the project which is been developed in our co.,<BR>will be there if u click on the respective project based on the date<BR>selection the data is populated..... (TILL NOW THE EXISTING APPLICATION IS<BR>BEEN DEVELOPED) THIS IS FIRST PHASE<BR><BR><BR>THE 2 PHASE IS<BR>BASED ON THE RESPECTIVE PROJECT DATA I NEED TO GIVE A GRAPHICAL<BR>REPRESENTATION TO THE USER..<BR><BR>FOR THIS THE FOLLOWING TABLE IS THE MASTER TABLE FOR GETTING DATA,,AND THE<BR>FLOW CONTINUIOUS<BR>IAM GOING TO BE INVOLVED IN THE SECOND PHASE COULD YOU SEND ME THE<BR>RELEVANT......<BR><BR>if exists (select * from sysobjects where id =<BR>object_id(N&#039;[dbo].[tblDefects]&#039;) and OBJECTPROPERTY(id, N&#039;IsUserTable&#039;) = <BR>1)<BR>drop table [dbo].[tblDefects]<BR>GO<BR><BR>CREATE TABLE [dbo].[tblDefects] (<BR>[ID_Defect] [int] IDENTITY (1, 1) NOT NULL ,<BR> [ID_Project] [int] NOT NULL ,<BR> [ID_WorkProduct] [int] NOT NULL ,<BR> [ID_Release] [int] NULL ,<BR> [ID_Cycle] [int] NOT NULL ,<BR> [C_DefectStatus] [varchar] (4) NOT NULL ,<BR> [C_DefectSeverity] [varchar] (4) NOT NULL ,<BR> [C_DefectType] [varchar] (6) NOT NULL ,<BR> [C_DefectOriginPhase] [varchar] (4) NOT NULL ,<BR> [C_DefectFoundPhase] [varchar] (4) NOT NULL ,<BR> [ID_AssignedTo] [int] NOT NULL ,<BR> [ID_ReviewEffort] [int] NULL ,<BR> [C_DetectionEvent] [varchar] (4) NOT NULL ,<BR> [X_DefectTitle] [varchar] (50) NULL ,<BR> [DS_DefectDesc] [varchar] (5000) NOT NULL ,<BR> [ID_Resource] [int] NOT NULL ,<BR> [N_ReworkEffortHours] [int] NULL ,<BR> [X_DefectCause] [varchar] (100) NOT NULL ,<BR> [DS_Resolution] [varchar] (5000) NULL ,<BR> [F_Closed] [int] NOT NULL ,<BR> [D_Created] [datetime] NOT NULL ,<BR> [D_Modified] [datetime] NOT NULL ,<BR> [F_Approved] [int] NULL ,<BR> [D_Approved] [datetime] NULL<BR>)<BR>GO<BR>