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    bottie Guest

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    Hi,...<BR><BR>I have a problem here,.. actually I think this is not an ASP topic but anyway I have to download a doc or txt file instead of displaying it on the internet browser. As I know, we could download a file by placing a hyperlink to the address of that file, the question is how can we download the file instead of displaying it,... ( i mean : for the doc or txt files)<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>best regards

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    IE got too clever, it defaults to displaying a file if it can find the associated program on the user&#039s machine.<BR><BR>I got round this using SA file up from SoftArtisans,<BR><BR>but would be interested to hear other suggestions

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    Daniel Guest

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    IE ignores the MIME type specified in the header, and opens an application based on the file extension at the end of the url. If you want to force a save, you may add a bogus extension to the end of the url that Windows doesn&#039t recognize: "myfile.txt?". But this is also rather unsatisfactory. I don&#039t have a suggestion for NN.

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