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    how do you get two webservers to talk to each other? my scenario is this: i have a client browser that will post info to webserver1. webserver1 processes this info and sends it to webserver2. webserver2 will reply back to webserver1 with a confirmation. webserver1 will take this confirmation and send it back to the client. how does all this work through asp? any ideas would help. thanks!

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    Are the servers accessible to each other on a LAN? If so you could potentially just map a drive from one to the other in order to talk to a database or application residing on the other (actually, with NT you could conceivably do this even if they&#039re not on a LAN). You could also try having the first web server issue HTTP requests to the second and vice versa. I&#039ve created a free component that will allow you to do this. You can check it out at<BR><BR>Todd<BR>

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