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    Want to have several online form letters that a web visitor can select, merge with a filtered recordset and print to their printer. How can I do this without spending thousands on a programmer and it printing the URL at the top or bottom of the outputted page?<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the scenario:<BR>1. Web visitor filters a database (online) for example all the customers within a region for his company to create a subset of records that has the name, address, etc.<BR><BR>2. Then selects a sales letter (may have several choices to choose from) that he wants to use for his direct mailing.<BR><BR>3. Then it needs to output this to his printer with the merged data for mailing to his customers. <BR><BR>I can accomplish items 1 & 2, but can&#039;t figure out how to merge it with his selection of form letter with the data, all online to be printed. Any ideas? Is PDF the way to go? Can this be done with a Word document on the server? I&#039;ve been trying to find answers for the last two weeks and would appreciate some insight.<BR><BR>

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    Default You can....

    Present the information they fill out, and page it to a word file. As far as printing from the web and not having the website, and page number/date and whatnot printed, that is something your client&#039;s are going to changes.<BR><BR>As far as I know, you cannot modify the header and footer, it is controlled through the browser configuration.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default It's not a '000 dollars work,

    involves some coding.<BR>on way is to save the content of the diff. letter in text files.<BR>then using FSO read it and write on to the printer, while adding each customer name. this way format of the letter is not guaranteed. <BR><BR>the other way is to generate a dynamic word document on the server, using FSO write to it the content and the customer name.<BR>a bit complex.<BR><BR>As i said it involves some work..<BR><BR>

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