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    Hi,<BR><BR> I have a long datagrid that is configured with paging during the user&#039;s work. If he chooses to print out the grid, I forward him to a new page where I show the whole grid as one large page for printing. I&#039;d like to have the datagrid header row show up at the top of each printed page. Is this possible? I can&#039;t think of any way to accomplish it.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Deanna

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    The problem with that is you don&#039;t have any real control over the data. If you have one row that the data is so long it wraps the cell, then your row count can get thrown off. If you had control over your data then you might be able to create datagrids for each 65 records or what ever you wanted on each page, then use a css pagebreak to print the breaks.

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