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    hi friends<BR>i am looking in for some advice.My home page needs to access around 10 tables from the database.i need to know if the performance would be boosted in case all the data was read from 2 or 3 xml files.<BR>Thanking in advance<BR>leejo<BR>

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    I haven&#039;t got a clue. Why? Because this is kind of:<BR>a) vague, and<BR>b) specific<BR><BR>What kind of database? What connection type are you using (DSN/DSN-less/OLE DB)? How many records in each table? Are you joining the tables? Can you optimise the query in the database any...?<BR><BR>See?<BR><BR>And then the same questions apply to the XML files. How big are they? How are you going to read them in? How are you then going to query them...?<BR><BR>The best thing to do would be to program both methods and then do some performance testing. Make the query a function and call it a few hundred times for each method and see how long each type takes... Then you&#039;ll know for sure.<BR><BR>By the way, if the amount of information you&#039;re reading in is huge, you may want to look at caching the result of the query into an application variable and then just print that out to the user. The query could be re-run whenever was needed (by testing the age of the application variable), to ensure it&#039;s "correct" data...<BR><BR>Craig.

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