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    Hi,<BR>I am tring to update a SQL text value using recordsets.<BR><BR>Set detailsForCopyRS = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>detailsF orCopyRS.Open sCopySQL, conStr, 0, 1<BR>detailsForUpdateRS.movefirst<BR>detailsForUpd ateRS("content_type") = request.form("sContentType")<BR>detailsForUpdateRS ("topic_name") = cstr(request.form("sTopicName"))<BR>&#039;this is the text value<BR>detailsForUpdateRS("topic_content") = cstr(request.form("registeredUser"))<BR>detailsFor UpdateRS.update<BR><BR>when I look in the database the column &#039;topic_content&#039; has the value &#039;0&#039; in it and not what hase been passed from the form.<BR><BR>Any ideas about how to update a text value using a recordset???

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    Check what value your getting <BR>cstr(request.form("registeredUser"))<BR>befo re you execute the update statement.<BR><BR>- Raghavendra

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