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    I have here a database (Access97) application and need the data out of it. But... it is protected (starting with the shift key doesn&#039;t help). When creating a new DB an trying to import the data from the protected DB Access doesn&#039;t find any table (and there MUST be tables inside it).<BR><BR>Is there any way to get the data out of it? <BR><BR>Greetings,<BR>Thomas Brinkman

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    If you do a search on for "access password crack" you&#039;ll find a lot of links offering to do this for you. If you&#039;re lucky you may even find a free/trial utility that will do it.<BR><BR>Having said that, here&#039;s something I noticed:<BR><BR>"Please note: Oftentimes an Access database "spontaneously" asks for a password. This is likely an indication that the database has become corrupted. This is especially true if it has been opened and resaved in MS Word. If you are unsure, we would be happy to test it for you."

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