Hi <BR>I was trying to build xml schema on client machine as per the W3c standards. <BR><BR>build xml schema on client machine means <BR><BR>for e.g., <BR>There are 3 text fields and a button <BR>Text1, Text 2, Text3, button1 <BR>I will go on accept the text field values and build the XML tree on the client machine and at certain point of time i want to submit the whole XML tree to the Database(e.g. SQL Server). <BR>When i submit the XML Tree to the Database the XML tree get submitted to the database with the given contraints to their respective records. <BR><BR>Note : Here the records were appended correctly and i was able to see the records in the view source before submitting to the Database. <BR><BR>Here my problem is if the user refreshes his browser without submitting the records to the Database, I have seen that the XML tree vanishes. Can you suggest me is there any object or component which holds this XML tree not getting vanish when user referesh his page.