Recently I found my ISP,, has initiated NT server caching. As my site has developed, and I am beginning to use more default ASP components from IIS 4.0, I have come to realize that the server caching my pages is a nuisance. Interland has said that this is to reduce load on their servers, which is reasonable, but is this common to all major web hosts? Is our solution now to install PWS or to go through a complex process of renaming files just to see them through live, and not have to wait for 2-6 hours, for the server to make its cache sweep? <BR>What is funny about this is that simply using delimiters and with simple ASP code does not cause a page to cache on the server. What exactly causes a page to cache on the server? Is it only when components or objects are accessed? Or is it when I access our SQL database with an ADO connection, that the server caches the page?<BR><BR>We have been having difficulty locating PWS to install it on our computer. We have Office 2000 Premium and Visual Studio 6.0 Enterprise Edition, is it on one of these software CDs?