In my Web Page i have created three web user control.<BR>1.Header control [to display date and type of application]<BR>2.Dataview and Dropdownlist control[Depending upon the changes in dropdown list the data is changed and dispalyed using Dataview,DataGrid<BR>3.Menu control [Provides link].<BR><BR>Now,i want to change the link dynamically and also enabling disabling depends upon the changes to 2 control Dataview and dropdownlist.<BR>but i can able to get values of the selected index during the change event of the control,but not after tht.<BR>Kidnly help how to get values of that Dropdownlist selected index<BR>in some other can we maintain state.<BR>Wht is meant by view state<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.,<BR>kindly help me <BR>kennedy.