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    is there a way that I could fax with ASP or VB?<BR>

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    Sending a fax via ASP<BR><BR>In an E-commerce BtoB application, sending documents to your customer is important.<BR><BR>Documents should be well formed and should look professionnal.<BR><BR>Sending documents via E-mail, rather than just displaying your value-added, will-make-you rich, offer on the client&#039;s browser for the prospect to print is that<BR>you can make sure it is send and received <BR><BR>My experience with sending quotes via E-mail is that, sending text and/or HTML, the result on some e-mail clients can be pretty lousy. And that is not what you want.<BR><BR>A good alternative, never failed me sofar, is to use a PDF server (activePDF, for example).<BR><BR>Your offer or order acknowledgment will look professional and can be printed and store without any unexpected alterations.<BR><BR>Alternatively, sending your precious documents by fax could be considered.<BR><BR>I did some research on it and did not find any good trick for doing so.<BR>But, here is something new... check<BR><BR>http://msdn.microsoft.com/msdnmag/issues/01/08/FaxServ/FaxServ.asp<BR>and<BR>HOWTO: Send a Fax from an ASP Page on Windows 2000 <BR>http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;Q303647<BR><BR>- may be by launching WinFax via ASP , but I do not know how to do that.<BR><BR><BR>- there is a fax server named protofax which is accessible from ASP - but a licence is around $300 !<BR><BR>- one idea suggested in a news group would be to use a ASP print function and print to the fax printer. I have no idea whether this will work.<BR> Sending parameters to the fax printer many require quite a bit of research <BR>- check this : http://www.siteserver101.com/book/chapter12/yoursite27.asp<BR>Fortunatly, I have an account with www.j2.com and they offer e-mail-by-fax. My documents (in text format, not ideal for lay-out)<BR>can be e-mailed to an address that will process and send the document via fax (with a receipt...)<BR>It is a workable turn around...the service is very reasonably priced. Since I have an account anyway, it is most likely to be my solution.<BR><BR>I should mention a free service that can be accessed from http://www.tpc.int. It is free, yet coverage is large but not unlimited...<BR>e-mailing a voice message should be feasible thanks to Aspmail or any other e-mail component that allows attachments (this one does not require to configure the smtp, that is why I chose it...)<BR>My reasearch on this subject is not over and I would like to know if any one has had a good answer to that problem<BR><BR>If you have more on this subject, please post. Please also send me E-mail: I am trying to keep track of all leads I can gather on this subject<BR>Thanks in advance Eric <BR><BR>eric--at--blanpain--dot--org

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