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    Since I remember that Nothing is impossible! :-) (http://www.aspmessageboard.com/forum/general.asp?M=434893&T=434545&F=24&P=1) I have another question/suggestion:<BR><BR>When writing a post it is possible to add a title in the textbox labelled response title. This textbox has a maxlength of 100, but when viewing a post, a maximum of 50 characters is displayed.<BR>Is it possible making all 100 characters appear in the titles of the posts, or else giving the textbox a maxlength of 50?<BR><BR>Keep up the good work!

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    Default Yeah that is a pain huh

    you type a long title and it gets cut off<BR><BR><BR>i guess the solution will be keep the title small if SM does not "fix" it<BR><BR>

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