I got a book on asp.net.......i just tried the regularexpressionvalidator control and it just doesnt work<BR><BR>i pasted the code exactly like the book, and didnt work. i tried to modify the expression and didnt work either.<BR><BR>i made a simple one, like<BR><BR>&#060;asp:RegularExpressionValidator ControlToValidate=TBPhone ValidateExpression="[0-9]{6}" ErrorMessage="That&#039;s not a valid <BR>phone number" runat=server /&#062;<BR><BR>That would work a phone of six 0 to 9 chars right? well the form wont take any values. Whatever I put its wrong, even if i put the text in the right format.<BR><BR>the book was based on the beta release of the .net platform but i dont think the syntax has changed.....i checked MS&#039;s site too and well, the examples were too basic...i checked your site&#039;s examples too and i tried to use the same code and entering values to satisfy the expression validator and didnt work<BR><BR>just what the heck is wrong? help me please.<BR><BR>sharkk<BR>sharkk@sharkk.net