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    Can anyone point me to good example for custom web controls? I&#039;d like to build a dropdownlist that auto-completes so if your entries are "aaa, bbb,ccc, abc" and you type "ab" you select "abc" rather than the default behavior "bbb". I have a couple of books that mention that it&#039;s possible to create custom controls, but no specifics.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Deanna<BR>

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    There are two types... custom controls and user controls.<BR><BR>custom controls are basically when you inherit from a base control and expand off of it. In your case the listbox control you would probably want to inherit. Then you compile it and place the dll in your bin directory. <BR><BR>user controls are alot simpler. They are basically aspx pages with .ascx as the extension. Instead of &#060;%@ page you put<BR>&#060;%@ control language="vb" %&#062; or cs if your using c-sharp. <BR><BR>The neat thing about user controls are you can code them just like aspx pages. you could simple place a listbox in there or anything you want. And give it public properties that interact allow it to interact differently on each instance. Im not going to go into syntax but heres a link to help you....<BR><BR>

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