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    I would like to have extra security with a login procedure.<BR>I want the ASP application to refuse login attempts for 10 minutes if a user provides an invalid password for 3 times. <BR><BR>I was thinking of using application variables along with a timestamp and the user name. However, if another user would provide a wrong password for one time, the banned user would get unbanned because the variable containing the username would get overwritten.<BR><BR>Any ideas how to tackle this problem?

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    Option 1:<BR>after three bad logins, <BR><BR>session.contents("disabled") = 1<BR><BR>before letting the user try to login, verify that session.contents("disabled") &#060;&#062; 1.<BR><BR><BR>This will stop working once the user has closed his browser or if the user doesn&#039;t have cookies enabled.<BR><BR>Option 2:<BR>Store the user&#039;s IP in your application variables, along with the timestamp.<BR><BR>

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