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    I am currently building a shopping cart and on doing some research I have noticed there a are couple ways to do this. Currently my cart stores all it&#039;s information on the session only, however I have noticed that several other carts store their information in a tempory table in the database first. <BR><BR>Basically I&#039;m just looking for your thoughts on what is the best way to go about this. <BR><BR>I understand the reasons for using the database as a temp store (ie if session timesout) but surely if the site is busy then you are increasing the number of transactions to the database immensley.<BR><BR>Any thoughts would be appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    I would go for cookies.<BR>You could also build a function to check if the user accepts cookies, if he doesn&#039;t than let the system use a session variable. That user just has bad luck then, but most people do accept cookies though...<BR>

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