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    I have created asp pages (on windows 2000) and I have IIS5.0. <BR><BR>whenever I give http://basamnath/index.asp, in the browser the page cann&#039;t be found and the error is "Cannot find server or DNS error. <BR><BR>My computer name is VAIO. If I say "http://vaio/index.asp" then it says HTTP 404 file not found error. <BR><BR>Don&#039;t know where the problem is .IIS server seems to be running fine. I need to develop web pages and I can&#039;t see them on the browser. <BR><BR>can someone suggest me possible solutions?? <BR>thank you <BR>nath

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    Apparently, index.asp isn&#039;t in the root folder.<BR><BR>If it was, you wouldn&#039;t get that error.<BR><BR>And this isn&#039;t an ASP.Net question, for future reference.

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