I get an error &#039 80004005&#039 , unknown error, when trying to open this same SQL<BR>statement that runs fine under Access2000, but fails when I use it in an ASP<BR>ADO Recordset object. I built the query in Access.... and it is:<BR><BR>SELECT Course.*, Department.Code, Instructor.LastName, Instructor.FirstName,<BR>Campus.Name, Session.Name, Schedule.Name FROM Campus INNER JOIN (Schedule<BR>INNER JOIN ([Session] INNER JOIN (Instructor INNER JOIN (Department INNER<BR>JOIN CourseON Department.DepartmentID = Course.DepartmentID) ON<BR>Instructor.InstructorID = Course.InstructorID) ON Session.SessionID =<BR>Course.SessionID) ON Schedule.ScheduleID = Course.ScheduleID) ON<BR>Campus.CampusID = Course.CampusID WHERE CourseID = 23<BR><BR>Note that this same code runs fine if I do something simple like SELECT * FROM Course, etc... there is something that is throwing an error, which unfortunately tells absolutely nothing. I even tried changing the WHERE clause to Course.CourseID = 23 and it fails.<BR><BR>Please help!<BR><BR>TIA,<BR>Kris<BR><BR>