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    Darren Munk Guest

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    OK, I&#039ve done extensive searching on this and haven&#039t found a satisfactory answer. All I&#039m trying to do is display the value of an Access DB&#039s Memo field. Thus far, I have tried:<BR><BR>1) Pulling the field into a Recordset and simply displaying the field (i.e., &#060;%= RS(&#039Field&#039) %&#062;)<BR>2) Putting the field value into a variable, and displaying the variable:<BR>var = RS(&#039Field&#039)<BR>...<BR>&#060;%= var %&#062;<BR>3) Trying to use the GetChunk method of the Fields collection to pull a specific amount of data:<BR>RS.Fields(&#039Field&#039).GetChunk(1000) <BR><BR>No Luck thus far. This appears to be the case if the RS contains only the memo field, or if it contains other info. Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated!

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    JHodges Guest

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    Try (ie: &#060;%=RS("fieldname")%&#062; ) if you use single qoutes where you call your fieldname (ie: (&#039Field&#039) ) then you will first have to use the convert function. If you are using DTC this would be the mthod:(ie: &#060;%= DTCname.fileds.getValue("filedname")%&#062; ) where DTCname is name of the control you are using to open the recordset.

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