We are currently trying to write out data from an old db3 products database into something we can use on our website, and have found that XML would provide the easiest way as an intermediary between db3 and msSQL (or Access). We&#039;re developing in the ASP.NET framework and would like to being able to work directly with the XML database there as well. Since we&#039;re working in the French language we face some difficulties with all the special characters. A couple of questions:<BR><BR>1. When working with long product descriptions within a CDATA block I guess we don&#039;t have to worry about escaping any characters - am I wrong?<BR><BR>2. Is it necessary to escape the single language specific characters within a tag (for example &#060;primaryTitle/&#062;) using for example é= eacute? If not which encoding scheme would be the right to use - UTF-8?<BR><BR>3. Generally, for characters that need to be escaped in XML - like the apostrophe &#039; - should we the opt for the standard entity name - &apos; - or for the decimal reference - &#039; ?<BR><BR>The above questions relates to the use of XML as a primary datasource (in .NET), but when we are importing into msSQL how should we generally treat those special characters?<BR><BR>Thanks a lot for any input :)<BR>Niels