I&#039;m having a language problem with my ASP pages. I use Turkish language, which is Latin. There are four Turkish characters causing me problems. When I submit a form with these characters, they converted English characters and saved to the database like that. <BR><BR>I&#039;m using SQL Server 2000 and the collation of the database is set to Turkish_CI_AS. When I enter those characters via Enterprise Manager or Query Analyzer I can see that they&#039;re saved and displayed properly as they should, so I guess nothing is wrong with the database.<BR><BR>I also use @CODEPAGE = 1254 and Response.Charset = "ISO-8859-9" codes on the top of my code (they&#039;re for Turkish charset).<BR><BR>My browser and os is capable to display those characters, the HTML pages are working properly.<BR><BR>So...What&#039;s the matter is with the ASP side? And what should I do? I&#039;m desperately looking for answer for weeks and I&#039;m definetaly cluless. I hope you can help me.