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    This is what I&#039;m trying to do:<BR><BR>Read in from the database any products a user has purchased that can be downloaded.<BR>Populate a datagrid with the results from the database.<BR>Add an image button to call my subroutine that will download the appropriate file.<BR>This is where the problems begin.<BR>I can&#039;t figure out how to set the commandname and the commandarguments field of the button programmatically.<BR>I want these to be values from a variable that I&#039;m setting when I populate the datagrid but so far the only<BR>thing I&#039;ve managed is to hardcode the values.<BR><BR>The datagrid is being populated with a subroutine called from the OnItemDataBound field of the grid.<BR><BR>I know I&#039;m making this much more difficult than it is. Any help would be extremely appreciated.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Ricki

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    can you show some code?

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