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    Default view only access rights?

    Is it possible to allow certain users to view form pages but not enable them to edit any infromation. I was thinking to hide the submit button for such users. But in IE they can stil submit form when they hit enter. <BR>Any ideas????<BR>Sharjeel

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    Default Change where it posts to...

    IE, re-post to itself, you may be able to hide form tags, but Netstink doesn&#039;t like that.<BR><BR>You can also format a page without form fields, where it just displays the information...<BR><BR>Just a couple suggestions.<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default On Click()...

    store the user info. in a hidden field, and when they submit (i suggest use a button rather than submit), in the onClick(), validate their identity, and then decide whether to allow submit or show an alert.

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