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    Currently I am working in a SQL 7 Enterprise environment. I am going to upgrade to SQL 2000 and had some questions before I do so. This upgrade will only affect 2 databases for this development environment.<BR><BR>1. Is it better to do a fresh install of SQL 2000 or to do an upgrade from SQL 7?<BR><BR>2. If I do a clean install of SQL 2000 can I import the two SQL 7 database backups that I will need to use and convert them to a 2000 format?

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    detach your 7.0 databases and update statistics and copy them to another folder.<BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t really matter the install type.<BR><BR>You can then create an empty database of the same name in<BR>2000. Detach the empty database and reattach the old 7.0 database files.<BR><BR>To be honest, you shouldn&#039;t have to do this. But, I&#039;ve always<BR>tried to be on the safe side of things when upgraded SQL Server.

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