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    Hello. <BR>I am have a form that has some basic INPUT TEXT elements, for fields like Body, Title etc. <BR>And also an INPUT TYPE=FILE that uploads images. <BR><BR>The problem with the component is that sometimes, it depends on the text that I am entering in the Body input field as I can understand, the component does something like stop working. <BR><BR>I &#039;ve tried: <BR> dim upl <BR> Set upl = Server.CreateObject("aspSmartUpload.SmartUpload") <BR> upl.Upload <BR> <BR> dim i <BR> for each i in upl.Form <BR> Response.Write i & " : " & upl.Form(i) & " <BR>" <BR> next <BR> <BR><BR>and it gives me this: <BR><BR>cfr_title : <BR>cfr_place : <BR>cfr_sdate : <BR>cfr_edate : <BR>cfr_active : <BR><BR>(these are the fields that I am using) <BR>I have some MORE fields which don&#039;t appear at all! <BR><BR>Any ideas? <BR>Do I need some special HTML.Encode or something?

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    Default ** Crosspost.

    Please read FAQ #110 (there&#039;s a link to in the upper-right corner of this page).

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