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    I need to change a registry key, can you do it using ASP or Java Script? <BR><BR>I wish to take over the left hand side of the browser in the search window, for my search engine, I have found the registry key that does it, and I could download a little c or assembly based program to change it but it would be better done straight from the page with no download, any suggestions or locations on where to find the info.<BR><BR>I am not a guru in internet programming, and do not no the limitations of each language.<BR><BR>Brett

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    Default You cannot...

    ...access the client&#039;s computer from ASP. ASP executes only on the server. You COULD access the server&#039;s registry (with a bit of tweaking), but you can&#039;t interact with the client.<BR><BR>Client-side scripting (VBScript or JavaScript) cannot interact with the registry for obvious security reasons.<BR><BR>However, depending on the user&#039;s security settings, you could embed a Java Applet or ActiveX component into the web page. Assuming the user chooses to download and install it, and depending on other security settings, that may let you do what you want...<BR><BR>Overall, it&#039;s been made hard to access the client&#039;s registry, or you could do virtually anything with their system!<BR><BR>Craig.

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