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    I sent in this question yesterday and the answers were fine.<BR>I&#039;m modifing the question a little bit...<BR><BR>I have an asp page. On the onunload, I run a javascript function that opens a 2nd asp page. The 2nd page resets an application variable and then closes the page. <BR>If someone has software that prevents popup windows and chooses not to allow the window, the variable will not get set, correct?<BR><BR>If so, that will cause a problem.<BR>Is there away around this type of situation (probably not)<BR>or<BR>Instead of the javascript function opening up the 2nd page, could it call a procedure "somewhere", and set the variable.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    Something to try -- Instead of caling a javascript function onUnload, redirect to an asp page that resets your variable and have that page open the pop up window. That way the variable gets reset reguardless of whether or not the window gets opened.

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