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    hi<BR>I am using CDONTS to send mail in my asp. <BR>How can I send message as HTML using CDONTS?<BR>What are the other options availbale for formatting message body ?<BR>regards<BR>Swastika<BR>

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    Hi,<BR> I read this in one of the books and tried but didnt actually work for me, you give it a shot and if it works let me know at<BR>what you have to do is set a variable --<BR>dim shtml<BR>then assign all the html tags to this variable as--<BR>shtml = "&#060;html&#062;"<BR>shtml = shtml & "&#060;head&#062;&#060;title&#062;&#060;/title&#062;"<BR>shtml = shtml & "&#060;/head&#062;"<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>.<BR>and so on until<BR>shtml = shtml & "&#060;/html&#062;"<BR>----------------<BR>then when you write the code <BR>--<BR>set objmail = server.createobject("cdonts.newmail")<BR>objmail.t o = "somedomain"<BR>objmail.from = "somedomain"<BR>--<BR>add this line--<BR>objmail.bodyformat = cdobodyformathtml<BR>objmail.body = shtml<BR>objmail.send<BR>set objmail = nothing <BR>---------------------------------------<BR>try it out <BR>Good Luck<BR>:-)

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