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    Hello,<BR><BR>I am importing a table that was originally a dBase table, but I imported it into Access (as I have always done) to correct some ambiguity in the date fields then I try to export it to a SQL Server 7 database at which point I get the following error:<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR>Error at Destination for Row number 1559502. Errors encountered so far in this task: 1. Invalid character value for cast specification.<BR>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<BR><BR>I opened the table in Access and called the record number 1559502 and deleted it. I tried the import again and again I got the same above error. So once again I called that record and deleted it and tried the import, but again got the same error! So I continue getting this same error at the same point or row number even after I delete the rows it&#039;s referring to! What could be wrong? How can I work around this and get my table transferred, as our clients are getting very impatient with the delay - working on restructuring and cleaning this table for a week now! Please-please help if you can suggest some work around or if you know of a possible cause for this error. I was suppose to have this all done by Tuesday, but this error is just not helping. Any help you can provide.<BR><BR>Thanks Much,<BR>Jayna

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    Default data integrity

    Check the data columns for this record. You are getting a conflict on a datatype..... This is kinda difficult to hunt down. I suggest you view the SQL table and check the last record that was imported.... go back to the ACCESS database and find that same record and start from there...... Check the data in the columns and ensure they are valid for the corresponding fields in your SQL table. You need to locate that data that is not importing correctly...<BR><BR>Paulee

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