hi ,<BR> I have a particular set of function which is called as an onclick event of an image. now if that particular image is accessible only by scrolling then when i click on the image the scroll bars move to extreme left and extreme top and hence hiding that particular image again. And that is causing a big time problem for me as clients are not happy that way. So can any one help me out. <BR> The specific function called is as below function copyselected is called when the image is clicked<BR><BR>function deleteOption(object,index) {<BR> object.options[index] = null;<BR>}<BR><BR>function addOption(object,text,value) {<BR> var defaultSelected = true;<BR> var selected = true;<BR> var optionName = new Option(text, value, defaultSelected, selected)<BR> object.options[object.length] = optionName;<BR>}<BR><BR>function copySelected(fromObject,toObject)<BR> {<BR> ValuesRChanged()<BR> for (var i=0, l=fromObject.options.length;i&#060;l;i++) {<BR> if (fromObject.options[i].selected)<BR> addOption(toObject,fromObject.options[i].text,fromObject.options[i].value);<BR> }<BR> for (var i=fromObject.options.length-1;i&#062;-1;i--) {<BR> if (fromObject.options[i].selected)<BR> deleteOption(fromObject,i);<BR> }<BR>}<BR><BR>awaiting reply<BR><BR>Regards<BR>Rushi