Beginner Reference Books for .NET?

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Thread: Beginner Reference Books for .NET?

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    Can anyone recommend a good beginner .NET book? I&#039;m coming from an intermediate level of ASP programming and am moving over to .NET. I was rather happy with the SAMS ASP 3.0 guide. I have no background with VB and would need obviously require a VB ramp up before benefitting from .NET. I would like to purchase one book instead of having to buy two or three books.<BR><BR>Thanks much!<BR>Ed

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    one of the best all around ASP.NET books i&#039;ve come across is "ASP.NET Unleashed" by Stephen Walther. it uses and is very intuitive with almost completely coverage of all of the things you&#039;ll come across when developing with ASP.NET including sample applications.

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