Hi Folks,<BR> I have an asp page that is producing a bill in the format of an excel report. Firstly I dump data from an array into a text file and then save this with a .csv extension. I then open this .csv file with excel format the data a bit and save the excel file.<BR><BR> duosdoc.Worksheets("140").SaveAs "C:DuosFiles\" & supplier & "_" & period & "_" & codeout & ".xls", 43<BR> duosdoc.Workbooks(supplier & "_" & period & "_" & codeout & ".xls").close<BR><BR>duosdoc.application.quit<BR>s et duosdoc = nothing <BR><BR><BR>This all works fine and dandy. However It causes me problems if there is a problem with daving the excel file.For one thing when saving the file if it already exists I will be prompted if I want to overwrite the file. If Choose yes then there is no problem. If I choose no then the .saveas method fails. THen the .csv file is not released. Also if the excel file is already opened when the user is trying to create it then the .Saveas method fails and again the .csv file is not released. <BR><BR>Any help would be much appreciated.<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Neil