I have some conceptual issues that I need help with. I want to create a web page where I can manage WMI methods/properties and access Active Directory. WMI can access registries, remotely install MSI packages, get file and folder data, and manage information on any PC. Active Directory controls, more or less, all the critical functionality of any Win2k biz environment. Having control of these systems through ASP would allow a firm to control their entire environment from the web.<BR><BR>For example, I&#039;d like to be able to create a new user in our firm by simply typing their name into a web form and clicking create.<BR><BR>A script would run that would create a new user through ADSI/LDAP, setup a new roaming profile folder on the server through WMI, assign that user a default password, etc. etc.<BR><BR>My obstacles are getting Windows Management Instrumentation and Active Directory commands to work in my ASP pages. I understand that ASP has tight security to prevent access to these services, but I also know that there are ways around it if you&#039;re setup correctly with the right credentials and IIS configuration. I&#039;ve read many articles that discuss it, and seen little Microsoft scripts that appear to do just that, but I&#039;ve had no luck getting it to work for myself.<BR><BR>One possibility (hence the title of this post) is the ability to configure IIS to run a vbscript (i.e. http://someserver/myscript.vbs) but I can&#039;t find the how-to article that explains how to set this up, and it also makes me nervous to set it up considering all the recent security threats our firm has been under.<BR><BR>I&#039;m desperately looking for examples, step-by-steps, how-to&#039;s, books, ideas, ANYTHING I can get my hands on!!! ALL help is greatly appreciated :)<BR><BR>Thanks!