hey guys,<BR><BR>i have a &#039;records&#039; table where there&#039;s a userid, along with a classname (which can be out of 14 different possible ones) and points respective to that class. the records table has multiple records for different users and i&#039;m trying to sort the total stats in a &#039;totalstats&#039; table.<BR><BR>the totalstats table has one record per user. it has the userid, class1pts, class2pts, class3pts, etc.., along with a &#039;cumulativepoints&#039; field that adds up all the classes for that particular user.<BR><BR>i&#039;ve been working on this, but haven&#039;t been able to figure out how to work it. i need to sum up all the fields everytime a user either adds, deletes, or modifies an existing record. then, loop through and calculate all the totals for every user. what should my sql statement be?<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>ed<BR><BR>(bill you&#039;ve seen part of this before :)