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    Is there a better way than the ADO filter for finding records? The find method only supports one criteria and the filter method is slow when dealing with huge recordsets. Here is what I am doing: <BR><BR>Updating a recordset within a transaction.<BR><BR>Need to check if the record exists in that recordset without committing the transaction. <BR><BR>Need the record exists processing in a completely different function.<BR><BR>Can I somehow recreate the recordset in another function making sure that the records reflect the uncommitted data? <BR><BR>I know I can use the clone method but again, I would be using the filter method for searching through the recordset. I want to avoid this.<BR><BR>Any help would be appreciated...<BR><BR>

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    I would write some SQL statements for what you want, or better: a stored procedure. In this SP you can open a transaction, check if a record exists and have the sp return a value if it did exist. <BR>This way you won&#039;t have to load a huge recordset, and things should speed up because of that.

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