ASPNET User Problem in Shared Hosting Environment<BR>Posted: 06-25-2002 05:36 PM <BR>Hello, <BR><BR>I am trying to setup a win2k server that will be used for shared hosting services, and am trying to figure out how is going to be able to run secure on the server. <BR><BR>In the asp days, you would give each website its own IIS_User account to run under, and give that user RWXD permission to it&#039;s web root folder. You would remove the Everyone group and also give the admin group full permission on the folder. This would keep users who are developing apps that are going to be hosted on that machine from poking around in each others directories with the file scripting object, include files, etc... <BR><BR>With, it seems like everything is ran under the ASPNET user account. The problem here being, the ASPNET account needs Read permission to every site on the server so it can monitor file changes and such for the framework. <BR><BR>When a user runs an aspx page, it runs under the ASPNET account that has read permissions to everyone elses aspx pages. So anyone can do a &#060;!-- #Include File="c:inetpubsite1allmylovelypasswords.aspx" --&#062; into someone elses directory and get their source code. And that is just the beginning... <BR><BR>I have messed around the Impersonation, and set the machine.config up as follows: <BR><BR>&#060;identity impersonate="true" /&#062; <BR><BR>And when this happens, it seems like it is working, because when I do a <BR><BR>Response.write(WindowsIdentity.GetCurrent( ).Name) <BR><BR>it returns my IIS_User for that particular site that I have setup in the IIS MMC. However, this site is still able to browse through and view any resource on the hard drive that the ASPNET user has access to (which, remember, has to be all the aspx pages on the entire server, the Microsoft.NET folder, and more). <BR><BR>So, I guess what I am wondering is, what is the best practice for setting up in a shared hosting environment? What are all the big hosts doing out there? What does Microsoft have to say about this (there are no docs at all in their web hoster program)? <BR><BR>Thanks, <BR>Ely <BR> <BR>